For over 20 years, we have been serving the healthcare community with a range of creative communications and educational programs and services.

Education is our focus. That means we have the depth of experience and an extensive network of clinicians and thought leaders to develop unique programs that get read, praised and passed around. We are the largest processer of online certification tests in the United States. Through our online professional accreditation test processing system, we now process over 100,000 CE and CRCE tests annually for nurses and respiratory therapists.

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  • Esential_Practices_2
    Essential Practices for Respiratory Care: A Clinical decision-making resource for the respiratory care professional
  • foundations11
    Clinical Foundations: A Patient-focussed education program for respiratory care pofessionals
  • Initiatives4
    Initiatives in Safe Patient Care: Enhancing patient safety through improved surveillance
  • Perspectives34
    Perspectives: Recovery strategies from the OR to home
  • SafePractice13-5-1
    Safe Practices in Patient Care: Helping promote a culture of safety